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Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Christmas, Assistant Project Manager, Haley & Aldrich


August 17, 2021

Education: Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering, University of New Hampshire

Years in the industry: 7 years

Favorite thing about working in the AEC industry:  I really enjoy being able to see a physical end result of the projects that we spend so many years working on. It is especially a privilege to feel so connected to Boston and the greater Boston area through these projects.   

Recent project you’re proud of:  I am very proud of the teamwork and overall project dynamics on the Cambridge Crossing Parcel U project, a new 13-story office/lab space development for DivcoWest. This project has unique subsurface challenges, and I worked closely with our geotechnical team, the general contractor and its subcontractors, and the client team to resolve environmental challenges. We have had to work together very closely and very early on in the project to find creative solutions, and it has been overall a very positive process.

Special skill we may not know about: I am a rower and am part of the Riverside Boat Club Women’s Open Sweeps team.   

Favorite place you’ve ever been: Nashville, TN

The one thing in the world that you cannot live without: My family

What you’re likely to be doing on a Saturday: Getting up early for rowing practice, getting coffee with friends, and then enjoying the outdoors.

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