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Member Spotlight: James Holland Jr., Assistant Project Manager, Redgate


February 1, 2022

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Colgate University, Major in Education, Minor in Writing and Rhetoric

Years in the industry: 2.5 years

Favorite thing about working in the AEC industry: I enjoy the teamwork, the fast-paced environment, and the fact that every day is different, which results in new challenges and opportunities to learn and problem solve.

Special skill: I’m a former All-American running back at Colgate University, where my team won three Patriot League championships.

Favorite place: Jamaica!

The one thing in the world that you cannot live without: Family.

What you’re likely to be doing on a Saturday: Enjoying the company of those closest to me.

Who or what inspires you most? My mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

About Redgate:

Redgate is a real estate advisory and investment firm headquartered in Boston with offices in the Mid-Atlantic and Carolinas. Through our advisory platform we offer project management, development management, asset management, planning and permitting strategy, and strategic real estate advisory services for institutions, corporations, and investors. Through our investment platform we are owner/operators in mixed-use, commercial, and residential property development, delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns to our equity investors. We believe that every real estate endeavor is unique and deserves a highly-tailored approach managed with interpersonal precision. Our professionals have an owner and occupier mindset, which benefits every client. Intensely focused on delivering returns as defined by the opportunity, Redgate ensures the right return on real estate – purpose-built approaches that adhere to a common vision, are managed thoughtfully in real-time and delight in both experience and outcomes.

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