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Member Spotlight: Jill Papagni, Director of Business Development, BOND Building Construction


April 27, 2021

Education: Hartwick College, BA in English (Oneonta, NY)

Years in the industry: 4.5

Favorite thing about working in the AEC industry:
Too many things to list! The drive, the competition, THE PEOPLE. Also, just the experiences and opportunities it has afforded me.

Most memorable professional experience:
My most memorable experience was touring Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with our Healthcare General Superintendent. I had just started in Business Development and I knew that Bond Building has been on DFCI’s campus for years but being on campus and seeing that what we do makes a difference…It was a game changer. I was volunteering at DFCI delivering gifts to patients receiving infusions in Yawkey and walked by the Pedi clinic which was built by Bond. A small boy getting his treatments came running out telling me “Santa was here!” Knowing that we built a space where a child can get the best treatment in the world, it is pretty amazing.

Recent project you’re proud of (and why):
I can name the client yet, but it was a BIG win for our healthcare team. We were the underdog in this pursuit, but our team really came together. Our desire, passion and dedication really came through to the developer and client. It’s a project that will help bring care closer to the pediatric patients and their families without having to go to the city.

Special skill we may not know about:
Not really a skill, but I overcame my fear of heights and repelled down the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Boston to benefit the Special Olympics. 22 Stories!

Favorite place you’ve ever been:
Prague, Czech Republic

The one thing in the world that you cannot live without:
Facetime! I rarely call people, it is always a facetime.

What you’re likely to be doing on a Saturday:
In the Summertime, Falmouth Heights from Sunrise to Sunset. Any other Saturday, hosting people in the North End and hanging in my neighborhood.

Who or what inspires you most?
My older brother, Major Jim Papagni. A father and husband of two, he makes so many sacrifices for us all. He’s actually gearing up for his next deployment in July.

Why are you a member of PWC?
To help another “Jill” . I was new to the industry and so many amazing people took the time and took me under their wings. I would love to be able to do that for someone else.

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