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Member Spotlight: Kaija Peterson, Estimator, Structure Tone Boston


July 26, 2021

Education: BS Statistics, Iowa State University

Years in the industry: 8

Favorite thing about working in the AEC industry: First, the people! Second, every day is different and brings new challenges and opportunities. I previously worked in the hospitality management industry and enjoy some day-to-day unpredictability.

Most memorable professional experience: Making the move from DC to Boston 5 years ago. I’ve lived in various places throughout my career and had not pictured myself ever living here. The people made the transition so wonderful and I am currently missing Boston on assignment in the Midwest for a year.

Special skill we may not know about: I’m running my first marathon this year.

The one thing in the world that you cannot live without: Professionally: PlanGrid! Personally: Dogs! An avid proponent of both.

What you’re likely to be doing on a Saturday: Getting a long run in before noon, followed by a lot of food.

Why are you a member of PWC? The people! The relationships I’ve formed will be lifelong friendships. The welcoming events make it so easy to make new connections.


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