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Member Spotlight: Rebecca Jablonowski, Project Executive/New England Regional Lead, Stantec


July 8, 2021

Education: Boston Architectural Center & Wentworth Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science, Construction Management

Years in the industry: 20

Favorite thing about working in the AEC industry: The people. Being from the Midwest and moving to Boston in 2000, I started my education and career without knowing anyone in the area or our industry. Over the years, I’ve been on projects with awesome people, made lifelong friends, and I’m regularly impressed by what our peers are accomplishing.

Most memorable professional experience: I can’t say I have a “most memorable,” but I will always remember my first topping out ceremony and my confusion about the evergreen tree mounted on the I-beam.

Favorite place you’ve ever been: I’ve been lucky to travel for work quite a bit, both domestic and abroad, but my favorite place to visit will always be back home. I’ll travel to Milwaukee and Chicago any chance I get. I’m convinced my cheesecake is better than NY and pizza is better than Boston, but I’ll admit defeat on any sports rivalries because my teams seldom win.

The one thing in the world that you cannot live without: Bluebeam. What did we all do before the invention of Bluebeam?!

What you’re likely to be doing on a Saturday: On a perfect Saturday I would be on a hike with my dogs. I have two rescue pitties that are exceptionally spoiled and love their weekend hikes.

Who or what inspires you most? As healthcare OPMs, my team and I work closely with the people that occupy the space and it’s really the doctors, nurses, directors, etc. that I find inspiring. Building spaces that allow them to save lives and heal is very gratifying and I enjoy working closely with them.

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